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MegZany’s artwork is comprised of lively messages paired with playful imagery to bring optimism to urban streetscapes, media campaigns, and home commissions alike. Widely known for her public service campaigns, including(not limited) Courage Has No Gender, All Women Are Warriors, and It’s an Equality Thing — Zany spreads these messages on a global scale through her sponsored travels. MegZany believes that art is a vital piece in self-care, equality, and the rise of community in neighborhoods and households. Zany’s art can be found on building walls and in homes around the world. 

 As guest speaker and among multiple media outlets, and publications including FaceBook HQ, Zany has attracted collaborations with artists and brands around the world. Her global reach allows for fellow creatives and brands to leverage extremes for a deep reach of audience. MegZany has a unique relationship with multiple non-profits and helping to raise capital for charity.  Her philanthropic allegiance is tied to green initiatives, reducing homelessness, and inspiring youth.

 MegZany is the official Art Curator of LA’s Fame Yard and Arsenic Gallery.  



Artist's Agenda

Always Be Creating. For a very rich life, know your ABC’s. 

Swim to the beat of your own current. 

Diversity is a gift. Shine and let shine.

It’s An Equality Thing. Everyone should have the same jumping off point.

Consent is always sexy.

Courage has No Gender. Fu*ck social norms do what you want.

The revolution will be spray painted. 



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