Blending humor, hope and her unique perspective on life, international street artist MegZany specializes in stencil art and representing the struggles women face on the daily like the gender wage gap, fight for equal rights and reproductive choice.

MegZany uses artwork to incorporate her values and deliver public messages, including: Courage Has No Gender, Swim to the Beat of Your Own Current, All Women Are Warriors, and It’s an Equality thing. MegZany believes that art is a vital piece in the rise of a neighborhood, campaign or call to action and as a result, her art can be found on building walls, and in galleries alike around the world.

MegZany’s art has attracted collaborations with TOMS, Coach, Fox Searchlight, Netflix and other well-known brands. She has been a panelist at the LA Art Show, guest for a fireside chat at Facebook HQ; and featured in The Huffington Post, Daily Dot and on Street Art Stories on CMT among other media outlets and publications.

Her philanthropic causes including supporting LA’s PS Arts and the Downtown Women’s Center on SkidRow. When she’s not creating her own art, MegZany is the official Art Curator of LA’s Fame Yard and the Arsenic Gallery.


Artist's Agenda

Always Be Creating. For a very rich life, know your ABC’s. 

Swim to the beat of your own current. People should feel empowered to own their own actions.

Diversity is a gift. Shine and let shine. The world deserves the best version of everyone.

It’s An Equality Thing. Everyone should have the same jumping off point.

Consent is always sexy.

Courage has No Gender. It’s okay to do things outside of gender and societal norms.

The revolution will be spray painted. 



As an Entrepreneur and creative at heart, MegZany left the corporate world in 2016 to pursue a full-time career as a street artist to thieve the world, dispense only good and create thought-provoking art that encourages positive change and courageous acts of vulnerability, throughout the world.

MegZany believes that art is a vital piece in the rise of a neighborhood, campaign or call to action. As a result, Zany's art can be found on building walls, merchandise and in galleries around the world. Additionally, she uses her platform to promote sex positivity and body image.